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This is one of those things that you can read and see the problem and solution right off. So why is it still such an issue? Let me give you an example:


-Medicaid supports illegal aliens and provides health care for them. **Notice- it does NOT say it supports LEGAL Immigrants, it supports ILLEGAL Immigrants and PAYS for THEIR MEDICAL.

-Medicaid often provides low quality or shoddy assistance - better than nothing, right?
-and, Medicaid is also quite abused.


   Now lets see how our Senior Citizens and Elderly Citizens who are LEGAL & have paid TAXES- 

What is Medicaid? 

Basically, Medicaid is a program that helps fund health insurance for people who are very poor. It is run state by state, and as a result varies from state to state. Medicaid is becoming more and more like Medicare, because of the increased portion of its money being spent on sending elderly people to nursing homes.

When did Medicaid begin? 

Medicaid began in 1965.

How is it funded? 

Medicaid is funded by both state and federal budgets, IE your tax money. This makes it unique in the fact that it draws money from multiple sources. This also means your state has some control on the topic. The main difference is Medicaid gets funding from both state and federal governments, while Medicare just gets Federal money.

Who is eligible? 

It primarily targets: low income people, disabled people, and aliens (do I even need a controversial section now? =P)

More details

Like Medicare, Medicade is also able to cater to your individual insurance plans in order to provide enhanced care.  But on second thought, if you can afford private health care, do you really need Medicaid? =)

   Why is so controversial about MEDICAID? 

-Medicaid supports illegal aliens and provides health care for them. This is quite infuriating to many people, as you might imagine.

-Medicaid often provides low quality or shoddy assistance - better than nothing, right? However, Medicaid is also quite abused.

-Medicaid does not have the insane spending problems that Medicare has, but it is still a bit bothersome, and funding always seems to be an issue.


What is Medicare? 

Bluntly stated - it is nationalized health insurance for people that are 65 or older. This sounds like a pretty good idea since we all know that old people have the most medical problems. It also pays for some of a physician's training

When did Medicare begin?

Medicare was signed in by President Lyndon B Johnson in 1965. Johnson chose to make former president Harry Truman the first beneficiary of the program.

How is it funded?

From what I understand, Medicare is funded through our paychecks. Each paycheck we receive is deducted by 1.45%, and an additional 1.45% is taken out of our employer's pocket.

Who is eligible?

Like I said above, you must be at least 65. You also must have been in the USA for at least five years. In the event that you are disabled, you can apply before you are 65.

More details...

Medicare is divided into four different parts: A, B, C and D.

A Covers your hospital bills.
B Covers your medical bills
C Covers alternative methods you might use to obtain A, B or D benefits. This means that if you already have health insurance, you can use this instead (It's probably higher quality to go with private insurance over public insurance.) Don't ask me why they didn't make this part D...
D Covers your prescription bills.

It is very important to understand that Medicare does NOT pay for all your bills, you are going to get charged, be sure of that! Just like a normal insurance plan, they have premiums and other fancy insurance terms that I'll explain in another post one day.

   Why is so controversial about MEDICARE?   

Medicare is controversial because the cost to maintain it doubles every four years. Have you ever heard the story of the wise man and the king? The wise man said that he would perform some service for the king, if the king gave him 1 grain of rice, but the condition was that he doubled how much he gave him every day. Well, 30 days later and...(let me whip out my calculator...) The king was giving him like 537000000 grains of rice per day. The next day, that would double.

Needless to say the King started crying, had to go to therapy etc...And this is exactly what the US government is worried about. They are worried that they are going to end up giving away half the USA in 20 more years in order to supplement medicare. In 2008 alone, we spent like 400 billion dollars on the thing.  And yes, I say 'we', since the employed citizens of America are paying for it.

People are just afraid that we are dumping huge sums of money to people that MAY have only been here for five years. It suffers a lot of criticism for this reason, and there are tons of people who shout 'socialism!'  I"LL TELL YOU! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT'S GOING ON!


      TERI'S THOUGHTS ON IT:                                                                      

 Well Folks...it seems an easy fix to take one to cover the other, doesn't it?  Why are we paying ILLEGAL ALIENS to be here illegally, feed them, house them, pay for their schooling, and all of their medical? THEY HAVE COMMITTED an ILLEGAL ACT, and as long as they are here illegally, continue to commit ILLEGAL crimes- Why is ILLEGAL ALIENS even a topic of discussion? Why are we wasting so much time and money on ILLEGAL ALIENS? When we should be focusing on LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, those that have followed the rules, kept out of trouble, worked and paid taxes become Citizens faster.  Why are the Legal Immigrants who are deserving a citizenship, being forced to marry on paper in order not to be deported? THIS IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE REFORMED! Our Government and Lawmakers are no less criminal for supporting, aiding and abetting people here Illegally, which is CRIMINAL; And we need to start putting the money into taking care of our Seniors, Elderly, LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, VETERANS and Military Personnel, Homeless, and ALL THOSE WHO ARE NOT CURRENTLY BREAKING OUR LAWS, WHO HAVE PUT INTO THE SYSTEM, WHO HAVE WORKED FOR, BLEED FOR, & DIED FOR, and to those they leave behind! I'm 100% for all humanity, and for all of them to be free without bondage! But we can't support the World, especially with the useless spending and extravagant lifestyles our Politician Rockstar's live. IT IS TIME WE STOP THIS CRAP! Regardless of whether you are left/right, Democrat/Republican, White/Black, Christian or Atheist - With the limited amount of resources and over-abundant debt we face, we are worse off than most Countries are financially. Fair is Fair and we need to take care of those who paid in first. Then work our way down until there is no more to give. Unfortunately, we're already there! Most people just do realize it yet, some know and refuse to face it, and to the majority of the rest of us who are not even making it from payday to payday-...well, I'd like to say it wouldn't matter- that broke is broke. But... "We do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but the 

It makes me SICK!

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